Boat Unloading

Boat Unloading and Trailer Parking

Boats are to be unloaded at Mooney's Bay Park Between Sunday the 23 and Monday the 24. The map below shows directions coming from the Rideau Canoe Club (Point A). The entrance is at 2961 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, ON K1V 8W6. You will enter the parking lot and and take your second right which will bring you to the entrance to the park. Once you are on the grass in front of the hill (Point B), unload the boats and bring them to your club's area.

Trailers need to go to the trailers' parking area (Point C) at 3191 Riverside Drive, which is one block south on Riverside Drive. The entrance to the parking lot is on Riverside Drive. You go out the park on Ridgewood Avenue, turn right on Springland Drive, turn right at the light on Walkley Road, turn right on Riverside Drive and enter into the parking lot right before the lights at Mooney's Bay Place.

Please make sure the trailers are locked down, as they will be unattended.