Mooney's Bay on Water Regulations

The 2015 Canadian Sprint CanoeKayak Championships will be held on the new Mooney's Bay Racecourse. Mooney's Bay is on the Rideau River and is part of the Rideau Canal system.  The Rideau is still an operating canal. Boaters travelling between Kingston and Ottawa pass along the rivers and lakes of the waterway, their journey made possible by the 47 locks of the system, including Mooney's Bay and Hog's Back Lock.

There are a few regulations we need to follow in order to coexist with the boaters traveling on Mooney's Bay:

1. The far east end of the racecourse is a Stay Away Zone (red) as it is the entrance to the Hog's Back Falls.

2. There is a "navigational channel" running parallel to the racecourse on the west side of the bay, that is a No Paddling Zone (light red) and there should not be any paddlers, safety boats or official boats there for any reason.

3. Access to boat control must be done by the water.

4. Canoes and kayaks must use the east side of the bay as the return lane (blue arrows).

5. The warm-up zone is on the east end of the 1000m start line.

6. During the competition the No Paddling Zone extends to the west side of the 1000m start line as there will be boats coming into Mooney's Bay and need space to maneuver to go to the navigational channel parallel to the race course.